Taylor Hall Associates is privileged to work with the following organizations: Enterprise Inns logo

Enterprise Inns is the largest leased and tenanted pub company in the U.K. Formed in 1991 with just 368 pubs and floated in 1995, their estate of 9,000 pubs is spread throughout England, Scotland and Wales. Enterprise Inns is committed to delivering mutually profitable, individual pub businesses through their "Retail in Partnership" philosophy.

Eldridge Pope logo

Eldridge Pope is based in Dorchester and has been in existence since 1837. Their 152 pubs offer a huge variety of customer offers from community locals to destination food and accommodation outlets to high street bars. They are a small company with a strong team and a professional approach to business. People and customers come first in everything they do.

Thwaites logo

Thwaites is the seventh largest brewer in the U.K and remains an independent family-controlled company. A high quality pub estate (420+), a fast expanding free trade operation (1000+) and the prestigious Shires Hotel chain all form part of the Thwaites empire.

Blockbuster logo

Blockbuster was founded in Dallas, Texas in 1985 and is now one of the worlds leading providers of in-home movie and game rentals with approximately 8,900 stores throughout the Americas, Europe, Australia and Asia. It has become one of the strongest entertainment brands in the world.

Budgens logo

Budgens stores now cover more than 25 counties including London, with over 800,000sq ft of retail sales space, 6000 staff who serve over 80 million customers a year. Budgens aims to operate in every town, large village and city centre, offering customers the very freshest foods, friendliest service and great value for money.

Batemans Brewery logo

Batemans Brewery is one of the oldest family run breweries in England. The original is based on an old windmill and overlooks the river Steeping. Batemans tenanted pubs are definitely a thriving, profitable side to this long established business.